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Tiger Fight, September 30th. Liverpool legend John Aldridge previously published an article in the "Liverpool Echo" column. Aldridge said in the article that Liverpool is improving every game, and now Liverpool is close to its best condition. Aldridge also said that Guardiola is now solving defensive problems. Although Manchester City was defeated by Leicester City before, Manchester City is still Liverpool's biggest rival this season.

老虎大战,9月30日。利物浦传奇人物约翰·奥尔德里奇(John Aldridge)先前在“利物浦回声”专栏中发表了一篇文章。奥尔德里奇在文章中说,利物浦正在改善每场比赛,现在利物浦已接近最佳状态。奥尔德里奇还说,瓜迪奥拉现在正在解决防守问题。尽管曼城此前曾被莱斯特城击败,但曼城仍然是本赛季利物浦最大的对手。

Aldridge mentioned: "I think Liverpool played very well against Arsenal. They were in form from the beginning of the game."


"Mane was very active in the game. Arsenal's defensive players couldn't hold Mane with their hands. This shows the excitement of Liverpool."


"Liverpool's game against Arsenal is very intense. In my opinion, Liverpool has put a lot of pressure on Arsenal, and Arsenal is almost suffocating."


"They kept trying to play from the backcourt, but they didn't do it. Arsenal's tactics can work against a team that is not that strong, but it is difficult for them to practice their tactical concepts against Liverpool. ."


"Liverpool launched a wave of attacks in the game. Although Liverpool lost the ball first, they were not affected at all. I think Arsenal are lucky because Liverpool could have scored more goals."


"I know why Roy Keane criticizes Liverpool, because Robertson's mistake is really too low, and I think that kind of mistake will only appear in campus football."

“我知道罗伊·基恩(Roy Keane)为什么批评利物浦,因为罗伯逊(Robertson)的错误确实太低了,我认为这种错误只会出现在校园足球比赛中。”

"But Liverpool quickly recovered their form after the mistake. They directly launched a counterattack. Of course, Arsenal also showed some positive things. I must also praise Arsenal."


"If it were two years ago, Arsenal could not resist Liverpool's attack at all, but after Arteta took over the team, Arsenal made a lot of progress. They persisted in the game against Liverpool until the end of the game. A moment."


"Arsenal got 1-2 good chances and Alisson made a pretty good save, but at other times of the game, Alisson had little to do."


Jota scored a goal in his debut for Liverpool. Aldridge also praised Jota. He said: "Jota's debut goal was great. It was a great finish."


"Jota's technique is very good, his shooting skills are also great, I think he had a chance to complete the hat trick after coming off the bench."


"I think Jotta can quickly integrate into Liverpool, and he can also have a positive impact on the team."


"Liverpool showed their attitude and they proved that they are still the best team in the Premier League."


"If Liverpool play another game with Leeds United now, I don't think Leeds United can score three goals again. Yes, Liverpool has changed a lot from the beginning of the new season."


"They have improved in every game. If the game against Leeds is 6 points, then I will give Liverpool 7 points for the Chelsea game, and in terms of their performance against Arsenal, I will give them 8 points. Minute."


Manchester City had previously lost 2-5 at home to Leicester City. After the game, many outsiders also questioned Manchester City, but Aldridge believes that Manchester City is still Liverpool's biggest competitor this season. Aldridge said: "We all know that the staff of Klopp and Liverpool have been pushing forward. Manchester City lost to Leicester City 2-5 at home."


"After they lost, many outsiders questioned Manchester City, but I think Manchester City will still be Liverpool's biggest competitor this season."


"Man City will not make such a mistake again. Guardiola knows that the team's defense has a big problem, and he is working to solve it. The introduction of Ruben Dias from Benfica is one of the measures Guardiola has taken. "


"Although Liverpool have Van Dijk, Liverpool's defense sometimes has problems."


"I think that when the opponent breaks from the wing and passes the ball to the center in the counterattack, Manchester City's defense will be disrupted, and this is the problem Manchester City is facing now."


"Man City made this mistake many times last season. Obviously, Vardy caused a lot of trouble for Manchester City on Sunday. Vardy was really good. He completely defeated Manchester City's defense.


"Liverpool will go to the Etihad Stadium to challenge Manchester City in early November. I am also looking forward to what changes Manchester City will make to strengthen their defense."


"But if Liverpool can still maintain this good state by then, then they have a good chance to beat Manchester City."


"In my opinion, what Manchester City needs to do is not only introduce 1-2 new defenders, they need to do more to be able to compete with Liverpool in their best condition."